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Grant Funding and Investment Support

Albina Consulting - Simplifying Complexity 

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Applying for grant aid can be a challenging and time consuming process. My role is to lighten the load from your shoulders. I am an honest and experienced professional whose first priority is working with you to identify the most appropriate grant-aid and investment opportunities to help your business grow.  Get in touch today for a free consultation call to identify your immediate funding needs and get an action plan in place to work together to acquire that funding!

The Three Pillars 

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Grant Applications

Providing you with one-on-one assistance to apply for small and large grants with domestic funding agencies including the Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland, IDA, LEADER, and various other government initiatives. 


Strategy Development

Providing you and your business with strategic consultancy to develop a business plan, go to market strategy, and financial projections to ensure that your business is well placed to secure grant funding and investment.


Preparing For Invesment

One-to-one guidance to help prepare you and your business to attract and secure investment capital. 

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